The finance industry is constantly evolving, taking in leaps and bounds from one week to the next. There are many trends impacting finance marketing strategies that have yet to reach the limelight – and it’s important for Firms to get up to speed on all of these emerging trends and how they can effect their marketing mix. Here, share 3 key trends in finance marketing which require an up-skilling in content creation, offer a clear set of action items to moving forward, and demonstrate one of popular examples. More importantly, however, these trends impact customers in the finance sector, no matter what industry they happen to come from, and they equally apply across multiple industries.

First, let’s take a look at one of the more obvious examples – e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing has reached new heights in terms of effectiveness, both in terms of the amount of traffic that comes to a company’s website and the quality of the information contained within the message itself. As such, a new set of rules has emerged with regards to what a company can and cannot include within their marketing material. In addition to the aforementioned spam regulations, many online companies have now introduced measures to ensure that a high percentage of the content within an email marketing campaign is relevant to the audience it was sent to. This is both to prevent the annoyance of junk mail and to ensure that the material is genuinely helpful to the recipient.

Next up, we’ll take a look at one of the most important trends impacting marketing in the financial services sector – mobile marketing. As we’re all constantly on the move, mobile marketing offers a unique opportunity for finance companies. Rather than focusing their efforts solely on their existing desktop or laptop computers, many of today’s consumers are opting to connect their mobile devices to the web. This enables them to quickly access finance services wherever they are, which maximises exposure and helps the finance industry to connect with potential new customers. A growing number of finance apps are available, giving finance providers an opportunity to tailor their offers to the needs of their target audience.

Another digital marketing agency worth mentioning is Wysop. They operate solely out of London, providing a wide range of digital marketing services tailored to the finance industry. Their specialty is search engine optimisation, helping finance sites gain visibility in major search engines like Google and Yahoo. Because financial sites are generally more technical in nature than many other online businesses, this form of marketing is particularly effective. By optimizing content and increasing page rankings, Wysop ensures that finance websites achieve their full potential in terms of consumer attraction.

Not to be left out, another digital marketing agency worth mentioning is The CWD Company. Established in 1998, the CWD Company caters to clients across the globe. One of the many advantages of working with a specialist agency is the ability to get advice on various advertising and development strategies. A financial services provider could use the CWD Company to help in brand management of its image in its chosen industry.

In conclusion, it’s easy to underestimate the power of digital marketing agency. If you don’t have your own marketing strategy, investing in one could pay off in spades. It’s a well-known fact that consumers today turn to the internet for everything from news to shopping. By taking advantage of this fact, financial services providers should not fall behind in terms of their online presence. Investing in a quality digital marketing campaign now could see your company enjoying increased sales in a few years’ time, while also boosting its reputation in the financial services industry.