One major aspect of any good broker service is the customer support. If they do not have the right customer support, they will not be able to retain all of their traders. But despite their importance most people will overlook them. In the case of Zulutrade, they have taken the needs of their traders into consideration and have made a service that ensures their convenience over everything else. In this Zulutrade review, I will go over how they managed to improve the customer support and offer a range of very convenient features.

Detailed Customer Support Options

Traders who are just starting out with trading journey will often have a difficult time adjusting to a new broker. Therefore, it is very important that they understand how these new traders will need the help of a professional to help them better adjust. Zulutrade has taken great pains to implement various customer support options that can make it easier for people to find answers to any questions that they have.

Traders can call on the number on their website to get into contact with a professional who can answer their questions. If calling is not an option, the traders can also use the email address to easily contact a team of professionals. The best thing about this type of response is that I felt listened to and they would rarely ever reply so late that it would feel useless.

I also liked that they would give a very detailed explanation to any questions that you might have, but they are also very patient. So if you don’t understand their question, you can ask them again and they will be able to easily answer in a different way.

Easy Withdrawal Methods

Trading with a broker always has an end goal. You want to be able to withdraw the money that you are making, which can encourage you to trade further. But withdrawing from your account can feel like a challenge with some brokers as withdrawals can take a much longer time or they might not have as many withdrawal methods.

Therefore, during the Zulutrade review I saw this broker easily solve both problems. Not only do they have a multitude of withdrawal methods, but they also have a much shorter withdrawal time. You can withdraw as much as you want at a time and will usually have to wait a few days to receive your money. You should remember though that a larger withdrawal will also take a little longer to reach your account.

As for withdrawal method, I would prefer to use the regular bank wire transfer but there are faster methods. If you have your bank account linked to your account, you can also transfer the amount through your Visa or MasterCard card. It is simple and effective.

Multiple Accounts to Choose from

Easily one of the best things that come from copy trading with Zulutrade is that it has a multitude of accounts to offer. Some accounts can be completely bare bones and others can have all of the best features but are restrictive to most new investors. Luckily, in this Zulutrade review I was able to see that they have a range of accounts to choose from.

The best thing about these different types of accounts is that they cater to different types of traders. The silver account is great for newcomers who have a difficult time learning the ropes of the market. Then there is the gold account that is excellent for all types of traders who are especially experienced with how to make good trades.


When you have a good choice in brokers you don’t have to worry about the different ways that brokers can actively make your life difficult. Zulutrade has all of the features necessary to make your trading experience great, and they have different types of accounts to help different types of investors. So if you want to feel valued, you can easily enjoy the trading experience that Zulutrade has to offer.