International trade market may be going down these days but this does not mean that investments have stopped coming in. The fact of the matter however is that when prices of assets are going down, it is the perfect time to invest. Covid-19 is the main perpetrator behind the crashing of trade market crash currently. However, when the things go back to normal, assets would try to regain what they had lost during the crisis. Normality would hence allow the assets to rebound while during the process the chances of assets fetching extra gains cannot be ignored.

Take cryptocurrencies for example. Bitcoin as well as Ethereum and others are in the process of rebounding which is evident from the investment strategies applied by TradeBaionics’s traders.

Relationship BetweenTradeBaionics& Crypto

Cryptocurrencies and TradeBaionics enjoy a great bond between them. Majority of investors at TradeBaionics prefer to trade in cryptocurrencies while utilizing services of TradeBaionics. The prime reason for this keen interest is the whooping prices of cryptocurrencies. In addition, surges of prices are not usual kinds in crypto market. Instead, most of the surges are phenomenally good and hard to imagine. Take the example of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s present value is hovering almost above US$ 40,000 but in October last year single unit of Bitcoin was being sold @ US$ 69,000. However, before entering into 2022, crypto market crashed and Bitcoin lost considerable amount of value. But the lead digital asset is in the process of rebounding and it has been predicted that in this year Bitcoin’s value would surpass US$ 100,000. This is why most of the investors at TradeBaionics are very much interested either in Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, with TradeBaionics an investor can invest funds in digital currencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum too.

Trading Process

As compared to physical i.e. traditional form of trading, online trading is way more easy and convenient. TradeBaionics’s trading process is a three-step process. First step involves the registration process where information of the account holder is provided. Second step is of choosing the account and thirdly to supply investment aimed funds into the account. More than seven accounts are being offered to choose from whose names are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Premium and VIP. Then there are accounts which include Islamic accounts and free demo account.

Tradable Assets Other Than Crypto

Crypto isn’t the only trading product on which TradeBaionics focuses on. If a trader wants to trade in forex by investing in any of the national currencies, then TradeBaionics is offering that too. Similarly, assets, which are part of CFDs are also being traded here at TradeBaionics. The broker’s intention is to give investors first what they like the most and then add further assets with the passage of time. So a further chain of multiple assets in hundreds are awaiting to be integrated at TradeBaionics very soon.

Multiple Access Gaining Options

Above all, TradeBaionics lets a trader dive into trade markets which one could imagine in dreams only. All the major markets of the world can be accessed directly from the webpage of the broker. The webpage is accessible through all web engines, including Google, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.  In addition, for the purposes of executing trade orders or for logging into the account, an investor has the liberty to open the web page in a mobile phone. As easy as computer, mobile phones also very effectively carry out trade transactions of the investors.

Dedicated Customer Support

TradeBaionics is serving its investors from various angles and one such angle is of ‘customer support’. At the time of need, an investor is free to contact the support staff for any matter concerning his problems regarding trading. The staff remains available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. For the convenience of investors, accessing customer support has been made stress-free. Depending on whatever method of contact (i.e. email, live chat, phone call) an investor choses, there is always an official waiting to attend.

Final Verdict

It is easy therefore to suggest that TradeBaionics is a deep-rooted crypto trading platform which is reliable and serving in the best possible way. Crypto market may be bearish but the time goes by very quickly and crypto bulls will re-surface once again. So decide what you want to do and if your instincts tell you to invest then overcome your fears with TradeBaionics.