You might hear the terms: business professional and business casual ENDPARAMite to describe casual attire for an interview. The difference is essentially the usage of a suit for business professional attire and a suit or blouse for casual business wear. Nowadays, the term “business professional” has a more generic definition which includes accountants, architects, business brokers, managers, marketing professionals, financial planners, accountants, etc. The blouses which are worn for casual business wear are also referred to as “business shirts.”

One would think that a business professional would be required to wear business clothing when meeting with clients. While it may be more common for males in business to wear business clothing, females can and should wear professional business attire if applicable. Wearing clothing that reflects your personality and style can only enhance your professional image. There is no need to feel pressured to wear business casual clothing when meeting with clients. Your appearance is your own to decide.

For many years, men have been self-conscious about wearing business professional attire such as a suit, tie, dress shirt and necktie. Fortunately, this trend has been changing with the growth of conservative industries like the technology and telecommunications industries. However, many business professionals who prefer to work in more conservative fields continue to work well within their work style even though they may be wearing business professional attire.

Women have always been uncomfortable about wearing business professional wear because of preconceived ideas about working in an office environment. It was not until recently that women started to feel comfortable and relaxed while wearing business professional apparel like a jacket with a tie. As the “minister of uniformity” so to speak, female business professional attire has come a long way from the rigid business suit of decades past. Currently there are several varieties of business professional wear that are suitable for women. Women can choose from casual wear and skirt set to the more fashionable, sophisticated, formal and business-oriented capsule wardrobe.

The skirt suits have definitely come a long way since their introduction. The typical skirt suit includes high-waist pants with a tie-side lapels, a V-neckline, and typically one or two buttons down the front of the coat. This type of professional business outfit is quite appropriate for most professional settings where business women can still look stylish and professional. Skirt suits are generally worn by business women who are on their business professional uniforms. Skirt suits can also be dressed up with a blouse topped with a skirt, scarf or some other suitable item that shows off a little more personality.

One great variation of the skirt suit is the button-down shirts. These shirts have usually one or two button backs along the front and are quite informal-looking business professional attire that has the potential to dress up a t-shirt. In addition, button-down shirts look great with the slacks or skirts that are chosen for a business professional or executive look.

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