You don’t want to pick an online trading platform for how good it looks and how many claims it makes about it being the best. Making claims requires no money, and it is something you can do even if you are not being truthful. When you are serious about starting a trading career, I would say you should pick a platform that is truly focused on you. There are ways to find that out. The first thing I would like to do here is offer you this OrbitGTM review because I think it will rid you of the long research process.

I want to make it clear here that the claims of being the “best” don’t come from this company. It just does things so well that you are compelled to say that yourself. In this review, I will only talk about some trader-focused features and it will then be up to you to decide if you really find any value.

An Easy Signup Process for You

First of all, you want to look for an easy signup process because most traders are overwhelmed by loads of details before they open an account. It’s like going to a bank and then coming back with a long list of documents that you have to gather for verification. Such a lengthy and complicated process pushes traders away from starting a career at all. I can admire OrbitGTM here because of the easy signup process that it has created after proper thinking and research. You can sign up with the company in three easy steps and without making any extraordinary efforts.

So, you just pick an account from six different choices. After you have picked the account, you provide your personal and banking details, and make the initial deposit for that account. Your information gets verified and you are ready to trade—that’s how easy it is.

Leverages and Financial Markets

The company offers you some really great tradable assets for trading. You can pick from hundreds of assets and trade the way you like from a trading platform that is designed for your convenience. So, you have commodities that include not only agricultural assets, but also your favorite precious metals and energies. You can go with indices if you like to trade company stocks in bundled format. If not, you can trade stocks separately and pick from hundreds of them. One of the best things is that you can trade forex currency pairs that include but are not limited to GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, AUD, JPY, CHF, etc.

Cryptocurrencies are also available for trading for those who are interested in this market. To make things even better for traders, the company also has some great yet realistic leverages. Starting from 1X, you can go up to leverages of 7X when you sign up with OrbitGTM. So, pick your favorite assets and amplify your profits when you are confident about your trading predictions.

Account Managers from the Start

Have you been researching online brokers like I have? If not, then I can tell you a few things that will shock you in a way. So, when you sign up with some of these trading services providers, you have to pay extra to get the help of an expert or account manager. When you sign up with OrbitGTM, on the other hand, you have this feature available to you for free. You see, the bronze account is the most basic one from the company and even with this account,, you have a personal account manager available to help you.

Final Thoughts

You can see yourself why I like to call this company trader-focused. It is not offering you any features that other companies don’t, but it definitely turns them into something that’s really appealing to traders. That is what makes a trading platform and I really think these features are going to help OrbitGTM becomes one of the best trading platforms in the times to come.