Many traders end up having bad experiences with online brokers because they do not do their homework properly. In your eagerness to sign up and start trading, you should not skip your assessment of the broker’s offerings because they determine what kind of experience you will have in the long run. This is also applicable in the case of Heron Investments, which has garnered a lot of attention of late. With its offices in London, United Kingdom, the forex and CFD brokerage is offering professional trading services to global traders.

However, you should assess its offerings carefully in order to ensure they are what you require, as this can help you avoid disappointment later on. Ready to get to know Heron Investments? Let’s get started:

Checking their trading products

When you want to assess the offerings of a broker, you should start with the trading products. If it does not have ones that you want to trade, you can avoid wasting time and look for another option. The good thing about Heron Investments is that they have offered a wide variety of trading products on their platform, thereby ensuring that all traders can find something to trade in accordance with their interests and preferences.

You will be able to find trading products that belong to some of the world’s most renowned financial markets, which means you can achieve your financial goals. There are more than a hundred choices at your disposal, including major and minor forex currency pairs, lucrative indices, and popular stocks, soft and hard commodities and leading cryptocurrencies.

Looking at their security measures

It is crucial for you to assess the security measures of a brokerage in order to ensure you are not left vulnerable to cybersecurity risks. This is not a problem you will find at Heron Investments because they are dedicated to providing a safe environment to their clients. The security measures they have implemented on their platform are top-of-the-line and don’t leave any room for worry.

The use of 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption can protect all your sensitive and confidential data from misuse. As for the funds that you deposit with them, they are kept segregated from the broker’s own accounts, which can reduce the possibility of misappropriation. The compliance of Heron Investments with AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies can add further security because all accounts are verified and no fake ones can be made for illegal activities.

Going over their trading platform

Since the trading platform offered by a broker is your primary tool for executing your trades, you need to assess it with the utmost caution. A look at the trading platform at Heron Investments shows that they have been very attentive to this feature. They understand the importance of a trading platform and have developed a web-based one that you can use via their website. It does not require any downloading or installation.

The user-interface is simple, which means you will be able to navigate it easily and the use of state-of-the-art technology by Heron Investments offers you maximum uptime and swift trade execution. They have also made the effort to add a horde of trading tools, such as advanced charts, trading signals, price alerts, analysis tools, financial market news, custom indicators and risk management tools and these can help during the trading process.

Taking the support into account

Your trading experience is also greatly dependent on support and Heron Investments has not shirked in its responsibilities. They have ensured that their clients can get the support they need, when they need it. There doesn’t have to be any waiting because their team can be contacted 24/5 and through several channels. You can call them yourself, choose to arrange a callback, or simply send an email and they will get in touch.

The Final Verdict

This assessment of Heron Investments can help you see that it can offer you the trading experience you seek.